Faculty and Staff Directory

Chair and Professor

Doug Gross, PhD
Phone: 780-492-2690
Email: dgross@ualberta.ca

Associate Chair and Teaching Professor

Mark Hall, PhD
Phone: 780-492-3997
Email: mark.hall@ualberta.ca


Lauren Beaupre, PhD
Phone: 780-492-8626
Email:  lauren.beaupre@ualberta.ca

Karim Fouad, PhD
Phone: 780-492-5971
Email: kfouad@ualberta.ca

Allyson Jones, PhD
Phone: 780-492-2020
Email: allyson.jones@ualberta.ca

Gregory Kawchuk, PhD
Phone: 780-492-6891
Email: greg.kawchuk@ualberta.ca

Patricia (Trish) Manns, PhD
Phone: 587-989-8629
Email: trish.manns@ualberta.ca

Margaret (Margie) McNeely, PhD
Phone: 780-248-1531
Email: margie.mcneely@ualberta.ca

Marguerite Wieler, PhD
Phone: 780-492-2889
Email: mwieler@ualberta.ca

Jaynie Yang, PhD
Phone: 780-492-2894
Email: jaynie.yang@ualberta.ca

Associate Professors

Eric Parent, PhD
Phone: 780-492-8889
Email: eric.parent@ualberta.ca

Lesley Pritchard, PhD
Phone: 780-492-2971
Email: lesley.wiart@ualberta.ca

Assistant Professor

Victor Ezeugwu, PhD
Phone: 780-492-5108
Email: ezeugwu@ualberta.ca

Teaching Professor

Bernadette Martin, MA
Phone: 780-492-8749
Email: bernie.martin@ualberta.ca

Associate Teaching Professors

Gabriela Abbud, MSc
Calgary Clinical Education Coordinator
Email: abbud@ualberta.ca

Geoff Bostick, PhD
Phone: 780-492-2163
Email: geoff.bostick@ualberta.ca

Heather Bredy, MCIScPT
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Email: hbredy@ualberta.ca

Jacky Chow, MSc
Calgary Coordinator
Email: jacky1@ualberta.ca

Crystal MacLellan, PhD
Phone: 780-492-5992
Email: clmac@ualberta.ca

Iain Muir, MScPT
Phone:  780-492-6106
Email: imuir@ualberta.ca

Assistant LECTURER

Brandyn Powelske
Email: bpowelsk@ualberta.ca

Matthew Goertzen
Phone: 780-492-6106
Email: mgoertze@ualberta.ca                                                                                                                   


Professor Emeriti

  • Michele Crites-Battie
  • Johanna Darrah
  • Shrawan Kumar
  • David Magee
  • John Semple

Clinical Professor Emeritus

  • Joan Loomis

Adjunct Professors

  • Carolyn Emery
  • Susan Armijo Olivo
  • Ailar Ramadi
  • Kenneth Riess
  • Sanja Schreiber
  • Jackie Whittaker

Administrative Staff

Lana Vandenberghe
Department Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-5984
Email: eapt@ualberta.ca

Mitchel Mguni
Physical Therapy Assistant - Edmonton
Phone: 780-248-2070
Email: mmguni@ualberta.ca

Ashling Teslak
Physical Therapy Program Assistant - Calgary
Phone: 403-909-7116
Email: ateslak@ualberta.ca

FRM Academic Services Unit

Danielle Vallee
Clinical Education Administrator
Phone: 780.492.6968
Email: ptclined@ualberta.ca

Katelyn Brown
Physical Therapy Academic Advisor
Phone: 780.492.7844
Email: MScPT@ualberta.ca

Jamie Rishaug
Physical Therapy Administrative Coordinator - Calgary
Phone: 403-263-1366
Email: jamie.rishaug@ualberta.ca