Upon successful completion of the program students will receive a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta and graduates will be eligible to write the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators entry-level proficiency exam.

The University of Alberta MSc PT course-based program is offered at the Augustana, Calgary and Edmonton campuses.


Distributed Education

The MScPT Program at the University of Alberta employs a distributed education model. This means that the MScPT program is taught on three separate campuses using traditional face-to-face instruction, online learning as well as a combination of the two called blended learning. Technology has enabled us to teach physical therapy at multiple centres across the province allowing students to learn closer to home or in a smaller community.

Of the 124 students admitted to the program, approximately 14 students study in Augustana, 86 in Edmonton and 24 in Calgary. All students begin the program with a one month residency in Edmonton to study anatomy and establish initial face-to-face connections with the colleagues they will be working with via technology throughout the remainder of their program. With the MScPT program's distributed education model, students at all campuses complete the same core program of required courses as their colleagues enrolled at the other campuses. Each campus will offer unique elective opportunities reflective of local expertise and community partnerships in addition to the online electives available to all. We endeavour to place all students in their number one campus choice upon admission to the program; however, please be aware that we cannot guarantee there will be adequate spots available and some students may end up being placed in their second or third choice.

The MScPT program embraces the use of technology in the delivery of classes. The majority of classes will be led by an instructor based in Edmonton and broadcast using high definition video conferencing technology to our campus in Augustana and Calgary. However, some courses will be led by an instructor at a satellite campus or by expert guest lecturers who are not on site, and some courses will be delivered in a fully online format. Therefore, all students should expect a blended approach to teaching and learning in the MScPT program regardless of their campus location.

The program employs state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. Multiple cameras and microphones capture the activities in each class which is transmitted to the other campuses. Students at satellite sites watch lectures on large TV monitors in real time; instructors are able to ask questions of groups of students at satellites who are able to respond and actively participate in classes. All lab activities are facilitated at each site by satellite instructors, who are physiotherapists, or by local experts.

Pros and Cons of Studying at a Satellite Campus

Things to think about before making your campus choice. You will need to weigh these pros and cons and decide what will work best for your learning.


  • Small class size
  • Lower student to instructor ratio
  • Consistent teaching assistants/faculty support - the "home room teacher"
  • Study close to home
  • Unique elective opportunities


  • You will not have frequent in-person contact with Edmonton professors, although you will be able to book private video chats/Skype calls to discuss course issues
  • Your teaching assistants will be different; the content and techniques will be the same
  • While Edmonton professors will be available to meet with our individually or as a group, sometimes the onus will be on your to make the meeting request

Student Feedback

"I think we had an equivalent, if not better, experience as we had such a small number which allowed for increased one-on-one attention."

"It seemed like we had improved access to an instructor (on our campus), but decreased access to specific instructors from main campus. With the way the course content is delivered, I believe the education is the same."

"Having Jacky, Gaby, and Bryce was great for answering questions, one-on-one time for discussing skills, etc. It was also nice that professors from Edmonton made the time to come down to Calgary or hold teleconferences with us to introduce themselves."

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources serves prospective and current students at the University of Alberta whose disabilities might involve any number of conditions affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health. While many services of Accessibility Resources are available or can be remotely accessed from the MScPT satellite campus in Calgary, the main Accessibility Resources office and full range of in-person supports are located in Edmonton. Prospective students with potential need for accommodation may wish to consider the Edmonton Campus as a first choice.

Accessibility Resources