Rehabilitation Medicine at Augustana Campus

Students in the Augustana Lobby

In Fall 2024, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine will admit 44 students to UofA’s Augustana campus in Camrose as a satellite to the Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy programs.

A total of 44 seats will be available at Augustana (15 in the MScSLP program, 15 in the MScOT program, 14 in the MScPT program).


The Faculty has an established model of distributed education, meaning that the programs will be taught on separate campuses using a blend of traditional face-to-face instruction and online learning. Regardless of campus location, all students should expect to participate in a dynamic and varied approach to teaching and learning. Using advanced video conferencing technology, with multiple cameras and microphones, activities in each class will be streamed to all students synchronously. While the majority of classes will be broadcast from Edmonton, faculty will teach from all campuses throughout the program, and in-person faculty will be present on all campuses during all lectures, labs, and seminars. Students will have access to fully equipped classroom and lab spaces, as well as all the UofA resources available at the Augustana campus.

The goal behind an expansion to Augustana is to educate students in the rehabilitation medicine professional programs that will fill the need for rural practitioners upon graduating. We encourage students who live in rural Alberta, or who may wish to practice rurally when they graduate, to consider making Augustana their first choice campus. Students attending the Augustana satellite will complete the same program as their peers at other campuses, but may complete more clinical placements/fieldwork in rural locations, and may have access to electives with a rural focus.

Augustana Advantages

  • Smaller class size.
  • Lower student to instructor ratio.
  • Opportunity to study closer to home.
  • Located on a UofA campus, with access to all its amenities and resources.
How will students to be assigned to Augustana?

Each program will require applicants to rank their campus choices as part of their application. We will endeavor to place all admitted students in their first campus choice; however, we cannot guarantee that there will be spots available and some students may be end up being placed in their second (or third) campus choice.

Applicants should be aware that campus rankings will NOT be taken into consideration in the admission process, meaning that ranking a particular campus first will not increase chances of admission. Campus assignment is done after admission decisions are made by the admissions committees. Please also be aware that students placed in their first choice campus cannot request a move to a different campus after accepting their offer.

Any questions about admissions processes should be forwarded to the Academic Advisors for the programs:

How many seats are available?

There will be 44 seats available in Augustana.

  • 15 in the MScSLP program
  • 15 in the MScOT program
  • 14 in the MScPT program
Are there other campuses available?

The MScOT and the MScPT programs are also available through a satellite campus in Calgary. The MScSLP program will be delivered from Edmonton and Augustana only.

What is considered rural?

In the context of the rehabilitation medicine professional programs, rural is defined as outside of the greater Edmonton or Calgary areas. most programs require that students complete at least one clinical placement or fieldwork experience in a rural location. Students attending the Augustana campus could potentially do multiple rural placements/fieldwork experiences to align with the goals of the satellite.

Will the program content be different at Augustana?

No, the core programming and requirements for graduation are the same for all students regardless of their assigned campus. The only differences may be where placements or fieldwork experiences are completed, and the elective options available to them, as some may be campus specific.

Are there any requirements or restrictions to who can study at Augustana?

After admissions decisions are made and the programs are assigning campuses, preference will be given to those students who have ranked Augustana first and who also live in rural Alberta. In some cases, proof of residency may be required.

The MScSLP program has no restrictions on Augustana admission. However, the MScOT and the MScPT programs will not admit out-of-province students to the Augustana campus.

Students applying to the Saskatchewan seats in the MScSLP and the MScOT programs may be eligible for Augustana. If you are interested in this, please contact the respective program Academic Advisor for more information.