Academic Support

Academic Skills Development

Academic Resources

  • Academic Writing Resources
    Learn about the writing programs and services available to U of A students and faculty.
  • Academic Integrity
    Learn how to maintain academic integrity throughout your individual and group work with this online resource.
  • U of A Libraries
    Offer a variety of academic research services and research skills workshops.

Academic Accommodations

  • Academic Success Centre
    Connecting students with documented disabilities to academic accommodations, including alternate formats, exam accommodations, and note-taking services.

Additional Resources

  • Exam Registry
    Search and review copies of past exams to practice for an upcoming test.
  • Tutor Registry
    Search the online registry of tutors for extra support in your courses.

Academic Concerns

  • Academic Behaviour
    Understand how the University defines inappropriate academic behaviour and how it applies to you.
  • Faculty Advisors
    Find your Faculty Advisors for information relating to your individual program.
  • Office of the Student Ombuds
    Receive information, advice, and support when dealing with academic issues from a neutral third party.
  • InfoLink
    Find information related to your academic concerns from trained undergraduate students.

Study Spaces and Computers

  • Study Area Directory
    Find hundreds of study spaces with varying levels of noise zones to meet your studying preferences in U of A Libraries.
  • Group Study Rooms
    Book rooms in U of A Libraries for group study or projects.
  • Computers
    Connect to your personal student storage space on hundreds of computers across U of A Libraries.



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