Learning Strategies

Succeeding at the University of Alberta means taking your knowledge and skills to a new level. We will help you acclimate. Through industry best practices you will acquire strategies to help you understand intricate concepts and equally learn and retain vast amounts of information. You will utilize these new skills through a communication strategy specific to your personal academic environment. 


We offer a variety of workshops designed to help you improve your learning and communication skills, supporting you in your academic journey.

One-on-One Support

Do you need more help than what we provide in our group workshops? Access individual sessions from a professional learning specialist to maximize your academic skills and outcomes.

TALK Disabilities on Campus

TALK Disabilities on Campus is a  four module series designed to assist students in talking about their disabilities within the University of Alberta Community. The first two modules are asynchronous for students to explore independently. The third and fourth modules are synchronous to help with reflective learning and provide the opportunity to ask questions. The modules are designed to be completed in order so that you can build on your knowledge in manageable chunks.

How We Can Help

Whether you are a first-year undergraduate or seasoned doctoral candidate, the ASC's Learning Strategies area will help you succeed through use of free individual appointments and workshops through online and remote platforms.

Time Management + Scheduling

Learn how to make and keep effective weekly study habits and life schedules. Learn how to focus through distractions, motivate yourself, and catch up to and keep up with university life and course expectations.

Studying, Note-Taking, Exam Preparation + Memory Strategies

We will teach you how to prioritize and plan, read and study. Learn effective study strategies and retrieval practices in our exam strategies workshops.

Communication + Presentation Skills

How should you approach your professor or supervisor? How do you communicate with peers in a group project? How do you engage your audience while presenting ? Our group workshops will teach you all the skills you need to apply directly to your academic life.

Session for Accountability and Study Strategies (SASS)

We have weekly small-group sessions that give both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to apply high-impact strategies directly to their coursework, make progress on assignments and maintain motivation – all with the guidance of a Learning Specialist.

Questions? Contact Us

If you’re not sure where to start or have questions, reach out to the Learning Strategies team. We’re here to help.

Email: learnres@ualberta.ca 
Ph: 780-492-2682

Contact a specific person

Additional Support

First People's House

First Peoples' House is a community-based student service centre for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students, and can offer specialized supports and advising. Learn more about First People’s House support »

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program provides eligible students, who have been Required to Withdraw, the opportunity to regain eligibility for admission to a faculty by developing the skills to succeed at university while completing a limited number of credit courses. Learn more about Fresh Start »

Football Study Hall

The Football Study Hall helps first-year football players with their unique academic challenges so they can succeed at university — both on and off the field. Interested players can contact ascfb@ualberta.ca for more information.

Online Learning Resources

The Academic Success Centre team has put together some resources to assist you in the transition to distance learning. Access resources for online and remote learning »