Physical Therapy

The combined MBA/MScPT program is open to current UAlberta MSc in Physical Therapy students. This program will provide students with the business and leadership foundation to operate a private clinic or lead within the public sector.

Taken as a combined degree, students would be able to complete both programs in a total of 3.5 years. Upon completing the requirements of both degrees, students would receive both an MBA degree and an MSc in Physical Therapy degree.

Students would apply directly to the MBA office during the second year of the MScPT program. Successful applicants would begin the MBA portion of the combined degree during their 3rd year of study. After completing the MBA requirements (★ 42) over Fall - Summer terms, students would return to Physical Therapy to complete their final half-year of study.

Program Structure


The combined MBA/MScPT degree is only open to students currently enrolled in the MScPT program at the University of Alberta. Students would apply directly, via email, to the MBA Office. There is no application fee. The entrance requirements for the combined program are different than the standard admission requirements to the MBA program. To apply students would need to submit:

  • A complete MBA/MScPT application form
  • A resume outlining professional and volunteer experience

Once you have these items complete, please email them directly (from your UAlberta email address) to

After submitting your application, a member of our admissions team will conduct a first review. Qualified applicants will then be sent a request to complete our initial interview. The initial interview is a video interview that includes 3 verbal response questions and one written response question. After completing the initial interview, successful candidates will be invited to complete a second and final interview, in-person, with a member of the Admissions Committee.

MBA / MScPT Combined Degree Application Form

The MBA Admission Committee would reach an admission decision after a student has completed the second interview. Physical Therapy would also need to approve admission into the combined MBA/MScPT program. Once approved, a student's program would be updated to the combined MBA/MScPT program starting in Fall Term. Students would need to attend MBA Orientation, which takes place in late August each year.

As part of the MBA/MScPT combined degree, students would be required to complete 14-courses. Students complete the core MBA curriculum and 3 elective courses. Students would be able to complete their MBA requirements within one year, but will need to take courses over spring and summer term. In addition to non-instructional fees that are assessed each term, students in 2023/24 would be assessed instructional fees of $2,546.88 for each ★3 course taken in the MBA program.

MBA / MScPT Program Outline

Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a virtual advising session with a member of the Admissions Committee.

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