MSc in Speech-Language Pathology

two women one using a microphone and the other using headphones

MSc SLP Course-Based Option

This program is designed to develop competencies in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and management of articulation, language, fluency, voice and resonance disorders as well as in the fundamental practices of audiology, which is concerned with the identification, assessment, and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing disorders.

MSc SLP Thesis-Based Option

To be eligible for the optional thesis track, students must be in good standing and must have identified a department faculty member who is willing to supervisor their thesis research. Students are encouraged to state their desire to pursue the thesis option at the time of admission.

Combined MSc/PhD Program

The combined MSc/PhD program allows a select group of highly motivated students to complete the MSc in speech-language pathology and the PhD in rehabilitation sciences within a single integrated program of study. Students may indicate their interest in the combined program at the time they apply to the MSc-SLP program, or during the first semester of the MSc-SLP program.


In addition to our general cohort intake, 20 spaces are reserved for Saskatchewan residents and 15 seats are reserved for students studying at Augustana campus. The application deadline is the same for all students,  February 1st, 2024.