CSD Indigenous Admission Policy

General Statement

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is committed to the recruitment, retention and graduation of Indigenous students.

To facilitate representation of Indigenous students in the program, two positions in each admission year are reserved for Indigenous applicants. Those who wish to be considered for such positions must meet the minimum admission requirements for the Department.

Definition of Indigenous People for the Purpose of Admission

(from University of Alberta General Admissions - Indigenous Applicants)

  1. Definition of an Indigenous Applicant: For the purpose of application and admission to the University of Alberta, and consistent with the Constitution Act, 1982, Part II, Section 35(2), an Indigenous applicant is an Indian, Inuit, or Métis person of Canada.
  2. Formal Documentation of Indigeneity: Indigenous applicants who wish to be considered for admissions, awards, and financial support reserved for Indigenous students will be required to provide documentation of Canadian Indigeneity. Documentation will be verified by one of:
    1. The Faculty to which the student is applying for admission is reserved for Indigenous students.
    2. The Office of the Registrar, for the purpose of scholarships, awards, and financial support dedicated to Indigenous peoples.
    3. A list of the formal documentation of Indigeneity that students/applicants will need to present is prepared annually by the Committee on the Documentation of Indigeneity (CDI) and can be found on the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Awards website. Students who have questions regarding these documents are encouraged to contact their Faculty or Office of the Registrar.  Indigenous applicants must be aware that providing documentation of Indigeneity does not guarantee admission to any program. All positions at the University are competitive and admission committees will make their selections from among the best qualified candidates. Candidates may also be required to demonstrate their connection to an Indigenous community.
  3. Residence
    1. Regarding Application: Residence regulations affecting application to any program at this University shall be waived for Indigenous applicants.
    2. Regarding Admission: For the purpose of determining admission to a program, an Indigenous applicant who is not resident in Alberta will be considered in the following categories and in the order specified:
      1. First, as a candidate for the positions reserved for out-of-province applicants.
      2. Second, as a candidate for the positions reserved for Alberta residents. Residence regulations shall be waived for this purpose.
      3. Third, as a candidate for positions set aside specifically for Indigenous applicants. Preference for these positions may be given to those who are resident in Alberta.

Application and Admission Steps for Indigenous Applicants

  1. Follow the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Application Process
  2. Declare Indigenous Status on the online application in the place provided
  3. Indigenous applicants will first be considered for admission during the general admissions process. Once those selections are made, remaining declared Indigenous applicants will be considered for the minimum of two reserved positions
  4. If a reserved position is offered to an Indigenous applicant, the student will be required to produce proof of Indigenous ancestry. Admission is conditional until proof of Indigenous ancestry is verified.
  5. If Indigenous applicants do not fill the reserved positions, the positions will be offered to the next students on the general admission waiting list.