Admission Scholarships

Recruitment Scholarship

Eligible students must have the following:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.74
  • Complete application by February 1
    (all documents must be received and complete, no exceptions)

There are no additional applications to fill out.

Canada Graduate Scholarship - SSHRC

For more information on this scholarship, go to the SSHRC website. The deadline for submission has not been set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research but last year's deadline was November 15. Therefore, you must have your application into the Department one month earlier, approximately October 15. FGSR will be holding a workshop for students in September on how to fill out the application form. It is advised that you attend if you are considering this scholarship. Eligible students must have accepted admission into the MSc SLP program.

In order to apply to this scholarship a student must have a supervisor in the department who is able to work with the student.