Combined MSc/PhD Program

The combined MSc/PhD program allows a select group of highly motivated students to complete the MSc in speech-language pathology and the PhD in rehabilitation sciences within a single integrated program of study. Students may indicate their interest in the combined program at the time they apply to the MSc-SLP program, or during the first semester of the MSc-SLP program. Students in the combined program will complete all of the academic coursework and clinical placements for the MSc-SLP program, as well as all of the coursework and research requirements for the PhD-RS program. Rather than completing the two-degree programs sequentially, coursework, clinical placements, and research requirements will be integrated into a single 5-yr plan of study. Graduates will be eligible to apply for registration to practice as a speech-language pathologist and will also be prepared for entry-level academic and research careers.

To be eligible for the combined program, students must have an undergraduate honours degree or a master's degree and meet all other requirements (e.g., GPA, GRE, pre-requisite courses) for admission to both programs. They must identify a CSD department faculty member who is willing to supervise their doctoral research. Students are encouraged to state their interest in the combined degree program at the time of application. However, if space is available, students may also be considered for the combined program after being admitted to the MSc-SLP program.

Admission requirements for the MSc/PhD program.