MSc SLP Thesis-Based Option

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During the first term of study, students in the MSc SLP program may choose the option of completing a thesis. Students taking the thesis option will complete the same coursework as students in the course-based option, except CSD 900, the course associated with the research project. Instead of enrolling in CSD 900, students will enroll in Thesis research (THES 906).

Thesis students also will take at least one credit of additional coursework in research methods and statistics. Any further coursework will be based on individual student needs and will be determined at the discretion of the supervisor and the thesis committee members. The student will propose and conduct original research that will be the basis for the thesis. FGSR regulations about master's theses, including supervisory committees and deadlines, will apply to these students.

Requirements for the thesis track of the MSc SLP include all of the academic and clinical requirements outlined above for the course-based track, except the CSD 900 research project. Students taking the thesis option typically require a minimum of 1 additional term to complete the program

To be eligible for the optional thesis track, students must be in good standing and must have identified a department faculty member who is willing to supervise their thesis research. Students are encouraged to state their desire to pursue the thesis option at the time of admission. However, they may declare this intent as late as the end of the first term of the graduate program.

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