2019 Field School

The 2019 Field School-Prairie Archaeology and Collaborative Research with the Papaschase First Nation

Most of the 2019 University of Alberta Archaeological Field School (May 21-June 14) took place on the Mattheis and Kinsella Ranches owned by the University of Alberta and managed by the Rangeland Research Institute. Students were involved in surface survey, mapping and subsurface testing in native prairie settings, conducted archaeological impact assessments for mock pipeline and well pad exercises, and excavated stratified deposits with a focus on the Avonlea to Old Women's Phase transition. There were also opportunities to learn from and work with Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 ceremonialists and to visit significant nearby sites.

Students returned to Edmonton to assist the Papaschase First Nation in an unmarked grave survey using archaeological remote sensing techniques (June 17-21).  Students learned the basics of community-driven research and interacted with Papaschase community members and elders. They also were taught the basics of remote sensing techniques commonly employed in archaeology; total station, RTK-GNSS, ground-penetrating radar, and magnetic gradiometry. Overall, the students and the community benefited greatly from the experience.

Learn about the field school survey here: https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/papaschase-first-nation-in-edmonton-believes-it-has-located-a-burial-site/

Caption: A jovial student happily pulling the ground-penetrating radar.