In light of the renewed focus on Indian Residential Schools, the Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study have partnered to develop a Rapid Research Response 3 part web-series to facilitate conversations by highlighting the voices of experts, community members, and faculty members across the University of Alberta. They are sharing their expertise on the history of residential schools, the current work being done to locate missing children, how the impacts and trauma of residential schools continues to this day, and how we move forward for resurgent Indigenous futures in the lands known as Canada.


Episode 1 - Narratives of Truth and Reconciliation

Dr. Matthew Wildcat
Department of Political Science

Dr. Matthew Wildcat

Episode 2 - Locating Unmarked Graves of Children at Indian Residential Schools

Dr. Kisha Supernant
Department of Anthropology
Director, Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology
Co-Director, Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and Place (SKIPP) Signature Area

Dr. Kisha Supernant

Episode 3 - Pre-Service Teachers’ Artistic Representation of Socially Responsible Engagement with Indian Residential School Legacy

Dr. Sharla Mskokii Peltier
Department of Elementary Education & ATEP Program

Dr. Sharla Peltier