Animal Research Ethics Training & Resources

Animal User Training Requirements

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines mandate that

"All personnel involved in the use of animals in research, teaching and testing must be adequately trained in the principles of laboratory animal science and the ethical issues involved in animal use."

This includes principal investigators, research staff, trainees, animal care staff, etc.

The University of Alberta training requirements for animal users are delivered in two parts:

  1. Part 1: Ethics of Animal Use - an online course managed by the Research Ethics Office, required to access ARISE and as a pre-requisite for Part 2 Training.

    Part 1 training includes the following core topics: regulations and animal welfare; moral, legal and ethical issues; and the concept of the Three Rs (Reduction, Refinement, Replacement). The course is available through eClass and REO will need to enroll you to take the course.

    Submit request to take Part 1: Ethics of Animal Use
    (this form only notifies REO that you are requesting to take Part 1. You will be emailed further instructions following submission of your request).

    Training Equivalencies: Staff and students who are new to the University may submit evidence of animal ethics training completed elsewhere and request that it be accepted as equivalent training. Please email copies of training certificates to us for review (

  2. Part 2: Species Specific Training Modules - hands-on training managed and offered by the Animal Services Units and SMRI.