Programming at PLH


The University of Alberta and Edmonton play host to some of the most capable and impactful academic, administrative, and business leaders in the country. By inviting them into speak at PLH, students living in the hall will have the opportunity to listen to their TED-style talks to glean knowledge on their leadership styles, strategies, and successes.


PLH will offer regular networking opportunities with faculty, government, and business leaders from throughout Edmonton and Alberta. These opportunities give attendees the chance to gain insight from leaders within the community and build relationships with others. The events will be centered around what students are needing at that time of year. For example, in March, many students have questions about internships or summer employments, so they will be invited to join our Resume Experts from CAPS and business leaders from the community to discuss opportunities for employment and more importantly hands-on experience over the summer.


Sometimes students need hands-on skills to assist them in developing their leadership qualities. What are your MBTI or StrengthsQuest indicators? How do you write the world’s best cover letter? By facilitating workshops on these topics, students in PLH will have an enhanced awareness of their own skills and abilities and be able to articulate to others exactly what they are good at and what they can bring to the table to enhance a program, business, or organization.


Leadership skills can be taught, and one of the best ways to learn is through hands-on experience. By engaging our students in service learning opportunities, we will give residents at PLH critical volunteer experience that will show them how social issues in and around Edmonton have an impact on our society, and what role they can play in solving the problems we all face as a community.