Considered the "Central Science", chemistry is connected to all scientific disciplines in one way or another, and has a direct impact on virtually every part of our lives.

From the development of environmentally friendly cleaning products or examining the components in pesticides on our fruits and vegetables to finding cleaner water sources, chemistry is essential.

Note: In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Faculty of Science, applicants must have successfully completed Chemistry 30 and Physics 30 or equivalent (Mathematics 31 is strongly recommended), to register in the appropriate university courses and to ensure success in the program.

Areas of study:

Program Availability:

Our program offers specialized training in the theoretical and practical components of Chemistry. You will take a variety of courses in general, analytical, organic and physical chemistry, as well as mathematics and related courses in environmental studies.

Our courses and research opportunities cover analytical chemistry, chemical biology, chemical physics, general chemistry, materials and surface, nanotechnology, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry.

Physical Sciences
This major or minor includes a blend of courses from both physics and chemistry. Students will be able to select courses from astronomy, biochemistry, chemistry, geophysics, mathematical physics, chemistry, geophysics, and physics.