Undergraduate Studies


Mathematics and statistics play a fundamental role in our modern world, providing us with the language and tools for analyzing and solving problems in a wide variety of fields. The list of human activities for which a solid foundation of university-level mathematics and statistics is essential is endless: computer science, environmental studies, robotics, engineering, medicine, genetics, DNA sequencing, image processing, cryptography and coding, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, economics, and so on. Of course mathematics and statistics are fields that are worthy of study in their own right too.

Whether it is the application of mathematics and statistics to real-world problems or the intrinsic beauty of the ideas that attracts you, we can offer you courses and programs to challenge your imagination and increase your capacity for independent and creative thinking, and to prepare you for a large variety of rewarding careers in the modern world.

Degree Types

As one of the largest departments of mathematics and statistics in Canada, we are able to offer Honors and Major programs in a variety of fields, as well as Minors in the two disciplines.

For more information about the degree types available in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Science, visit the degree types page.


Students interested in pursuing a BSc degree should consult the Admissions page for the Faculty of Science.

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