Instructor teaching a computer coding workshop.


Taste of Pi Speaker Series (Jan, Feb, Mar 2023)

The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta is hosting an event called "A Taste of Pi" for high school students looking to explore future career paths in the mathematical sciences and to learn about the beauty of mathematics and its applications.
"A Taste of Pi" is free to attend and will take place on the first Saturday of the month. For each session, we will have two speakers present followed by lunch which will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to listen to some engaging speakers, to ask questions and interact with the professors, and to win some fun prizes!
To register and for more information please visit this website.


Junior Achievement Financial Literacy (July 5 and July 19, 2022)

Through the newly updated Dollars With Sense program, Grade 7-9 students get the vital tools they need to make smart financial decisions, live debt-free and become savvy investors. Students learn personal money management skills that they can apply to their lives ... beginning now.

Personal Finance is JA’s new Personal Finance program for Grade 9-12 students. The program teaches students personal money management skills including the key elements of personal finance such as spending wisely, budgeting, saving, investing and using credit.

Data Science Workshop (August 11, 2022)

This workshop will serve as an introduction to data science, coding and statistics for grade 7-9 students. It is intended to highlight the fundamentals of data science as well as get students engaged with the material. No prior coding experience is needed in order to be successful in the workshop.