Student Resources

Graduate students should use this page to find information on a variety of administrative and social aspects of their programs.

Incoming Students

For students who have been accepted to a graduate program in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, there is information available to help ease the transition.

Visit the Incoming Students page for information on supervisors, advisors, course registration, and GTA orientation.

MSS Graduate Intranet

The Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Graduate Intranet is a valuable resource for information on the administrative aspects of the graduate program.

After logging in with your UAlberta CCID and password, you can access material pertaining to:

  • supervision expectations,
  • award and scholarship applications,
  • regulations and guidelines,
  • program and degree progression,
  • graduate assistantship,
  • social aspects of the program (like SIGMAS and GSA),
  • the thesis library,
  • and more.

Students can also use the intranet to provide feedback to the Graduate Office by submitting questions, comments, or concerns with the appropriate Google forms.

Go to the intranet

Student Clubs

There are two student groups which all graduates students in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences belong to. These groups are: SIGMAS (Society in Graduate Mathematics and Statistics), and the GSA (Graduate Students' Association).


SIGMAS is the departmental graduate student organization for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

The group's goals are to:

  • promote social and intellectual activities among mathematics and statistics graduate students;
  • act as a liaison between graduate students and faculty/administration;
  • and aim to further all three university goals of teaching, learning, and community outreach.

More info on SIGMAS and the group's events and activities can be found on their website.



The Graduate Students' Association (GSA) is a student-run, not-for-profit organization, and the official representative body for all Masters and PhD students at the University of Alberta. The GSA offers many resources available to graduate students, including:

  • a health and dental plan program,
  • an off-campus housing registry,
  • and various awards and scholarships.

More info on the GSA can be found on their website.

Go to the GSA site

Regulations and Guidelines for Graduate Programs

Make sure to read over the rules and codes in place for graduate students to help you be both safe and successful during your tenure in the graduate program at UAlberta.