Graduate Studies

Graduate studies at the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

The Department is one of the leading Canadian research departments in Mathematics and Statistics. It is an excellent place to pursue your graduate studies in most areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

  • The Department includes world leading experts in modern algebra, algebraic groups, algebraic geometry, functional analysis, dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, mathematical physics, statistics, mathematical finance, and scientific computation. Many international leaders in these fields are faculty in our department and our research groups.

  • We have a large and active body of excellent graduate students, and it is a top priority for us to help them achieve success. Currently, we have well over 100 graduate students.

  • The Department is an affiliate of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, a source for numerous conferences, exciting special programs and summer schools.

  • The Department and University offer many scholarships and awards to excelling students.

  • Edmonton itself is a fast growing, vibrant, young city. From the vast number of festivals to the vastness of the river valley, Edmonton offers a unique blend of culture and nature. Throw in the Rocky Mountains (well within reach for a weekend trip) for summer or winter adventures, and you will find this a very exciting destination.

What programs do we offer?

MSc (course based)

This is a one or two year program where students will take a number of advanced graduate level classes, and finish a project. It is typically intended as a terminal degree.

MSc (thesis based)

A thesis based master's degree program usually takes two years to complete. This may be a terminal degree, but it is the natural option for students who want to pursue a PhD degree.


The PhD program typically lasts four to five years. To be admitted, students normally need to have a thesis-based MSc degree in Mathematics or Statistics or equivalent. Students with a BSc will be enrolled in the MSc program; however, very strong students can transfer to the PhD program without first completing the MSc degree subject to some restrictions.

Admission decisions are made on a continual basis beginning in January.

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