Graduate Studies

Graduate studies at the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

As one of the leading Mathematics and Statistics departments in Canada, our main graduate programs are as follows:

  • Professionally-oriented programs:
      • Course-based Master’s Program in Biostatistics: This program offers a flexible study pace (1 year intensive, 16 months, or 2 years), limited opportunities to work for the pharmaceutical industry as paid interns, and preparation for internships and careers in the healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In Fall 2024, we will launch our enhanced course-based master’s program in biostatistics, partnering with the life science industry. Apply here for Fall 2024 admission to be part of the first student cohort.
      • Course-based Master’s Program in Modelling, Data and Predictions (MDP): This graduate training program in data science provides the students with a unique combination of data modelling and data analytics skills in preparation for related careers in industry and government. Designed to be completed in 16 months, the MDP program emphasizes the practical aspects of mathematical and statistical modelling, data analysis, statistical machine learning algorithms, and modern computational methods. Please see here for more information and apply here for admission.
  • Research-focused programs:
    • A thesis-based master's program usually takes two years to complete. This may be a terminal degree, but it is the natural option for students who want to pursue a PhD degree.
    • A PhD program typically lasts four to five years. To be admitted, students normally need to have a thesis-based MSc degree in Mathematics or Statistics or equivalent. Students with a BSc will be enrolled in the MSc program; however, very strong students can transfer to the PhD program without first completing the MSc degree, subject to some restrictions.
    • Most of our students in a thesis-based master’s program and PhD program work as teaching assistants during the fall and winter terms and receive a funding guarantee (please see here).
    • We offer specializations in


To apply to any of these programs, please create an account at this link. The application deadline for Fall (September) 2024 admission has now passed. The application portal for Fall 2025 entry will open in Fall 2024.


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