Academic Staff

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Teaching & Research Focus

Jill Bagwe Assistant Chair, Administration CAB 632G-1 780 492-6122
Arno Berger Professor CAB 683 780 492-3798
Dynamical systems and probability theory
Vincent Bouchard


Associate Chair (Undergraduate)

CAB 565

String theory, geometry, and mathematical physics
John Bowman Professor CAB 521 Turbulence theory and numerical algorithms
Abel Cadenillas Professor CAB 639 Mathematical finance, stochastic processes, and control theory
Paul Cartledge Faculty Lecturer CAB 409 -
Xi Chen Associate Professor CAB 479 Algebraic geometry
Vladimir Chernousov Professor  CAB 593 Algebraic groups and Galois cohomology
Keumhee Chough Professor CAB 437 780 492-4230
Optimal repeated measurement designs, Methods for missing data and Multiple imputations
Tahir Choulli  Professor CAB 663 780 492-9078
Mathematical finance, and stochastic analysis
Thomas Creutzig Associate Professor  CAB 573 Conformal field theory, modular forms, and lie algebras
Feng Dai Professor CAB 619 Analysis
Shawn Desaulniers Faculty Service Officer CAB 689 -
Gerda de Vries Professor CAB 519 780-492-4561
Mathematical physiology and dynamical systems
Charles Doran Professor CAB 625 Algebraic geometry and mathematical physics
Meymanat Farzamirad Faculty Lecturer CAB 421
David Favero Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair CAB 475 Algebraic geometry and derived categories
Rosana Fok Faculty Lecturer CAB 485 -
Christoph Frei


Associate Chair (Graduate)

CAB 621

Mathematical finance, mathematical economics, and stochastic analysis
Terry Gannon


Department Chair

CAB 579 & CAB 632-1

780 492-1784

Mathematics associated with conformal theory
Stefan Gille Professor CAB 699 Quadratic forms
Sean Graves Faculty Lecturer & Coordinator, Decima Robinson Support Centre CAB 523 780 492-9028
Nicolas Guay Professor CAB 665 Algebra and representation theory
Bin Han Professor CAB 541 Wavelet and framelet analysis, approximation theory, computational harmonic analysis, wavelet-based algorithms, and image Processing
Thomas Hillen Professor & PIMS Site Director CAB 611 & CAB 449-A Mathematical biology and partial differential equations
Dragos Hrimiuc Associate Professor CAB 585 Contact
Differential geometry
Yaozhong Hu Centennial Professor CAB 449A Probability and applications, statistics, stochastic control, mathematical finance
Bei Jiang Associate Professor CAB 435 Methods for joint modeling of longitudinal and health outcome data, Bayesian hierarchical modeling, Mixture modeling, Functional and imaging data analysis, Kernel machine regression/classification, Bayesian support vector machine
Nikita Karpenko Centennial Professor CAB 599 Algebra and algebraic geometry
Rohana Karunamuni Professor CAB 443 Contact
Adam Kashlak Assistant Professor CAB 433 Non-asymptotic statistics, High dimensional and functional data, Concentration inequalities, Nonparametric statistics, Mathematical statistics
Linglong Kong Associate Professor CAB 431 Functional and neuroimaging data analysis, robust statistics and quantile regression, and statistical machine learning.
Mike Kouritzin Professor CAB 627 Stochastic processes, Probability theory and applications
Mike Kowalski Faculty Lecturer CAB 487 -
Rouslan Krechetnikov Professor CAB 535 & CCIS 3-267 780 492-1926
Applied mathematics, theoretical experimental fluid dynamics, and partial differential equations
Jochen Kuttler Associate Professor  CAB 685 780 492-8203
Algebraic transformation groups
E. K. Leonard Faculty Lecturer CAB 679 -
James D. Lewis Professor CAB 623 Algebraic geometry and algebraic cycles

Mark Lewis

Lewis Research Group

Professor  CAB 545-B & CCIS 1-279 780 492-0197
Mathematical biology and ecology
L. Li Max Wyman Assistant Professor CAB 425 -
Michael Yi Li Professor CAB 643 Ordinary differential equations, dynamical systems, and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases
Alexander Litvak Professor CAB 525 Asymptotic geometric analysis
David McNeilly Faculty Service Officer CAB 629 780 492-3815
Representation theory
Alexander Melnikov Professor CAB 589 Mathematical finance
Peter D. Minev Professor CAB 677 780 492-3398
Numerical methods and computational fluid dynamics
Ivan Mizera Professor & Head, Statistics Division CAB 441 Statistics, Probability, Optimization, Nonparametric functional estimation, Empirical Bayes methodology, Statistical learning, Robust methods
Jay Newby Assistant Professor CAB 529 Development of mechanistic stochastic models of molecular motion, biomechanics, and chemistry in micron-scale environments such as cells and extracellular polymer matrices.
Enver Osmanagic Faculty Lecturer CAB 481 -
Trevor Pasanen Faculty Lecturer CAB 509 -
Brendan Pass Associate Professor  CAB 571 Optimal transport and its connections to geometry, mathematical economics, and mathematical physics
Manish Patnaik Associate Professor & M.V. Subbarao Professor of Number Theory CAB 577 Automorphic forms and loop groups
Arturo Pianzola Professor & Associate Chair, Research (Acting) CAB 615 Applications of Galois cohomology to infinite dimensional lie theory
Beth Powell Faculty Lecturer CAB 687 -
E. Primozic Max Wyman Assistant Professor CAB 617 -
Vakhtang Putkaradze Professor CAB 597 Nonlinear models in physical systems
Volker Runde Professor CAB 675 Functional analysis and abstract harmonic analysis
Zhongwei Shen Assistant Professor CAB 569 Differential equations and dynamical systems
Alireza Simchi Faculty Lecturer CAB 587
Gordon E. Swaters Professor CAB 537 Geophysical fluid dynamics
George Tokarsky Faculty Lecturer CAB 469 -
Adam Topaz Assistant Professor CAB 517 arithmetic and algebraic geometry, Galois theory, and Anabelian geometry
Vladimir Troitsky Professor CAB 511 Functional analysis and theory of operators
Beatrice-Helen Vritsiou Assistant Professor CAB 533 Asymptotic geometry analysis
Gregory Wagner Faculty Lecturer CAB 522
Hao Wang Professor CAB 539 Mathematical biology and differential equations
Eric Woolgar Faculty Service Officer (Mathematics) CAB 669 780 492-2487
Mathematical physics and relativity theory
Vladyslav Yaskin Professor CAB 583 Convex geometry and geometric functional analysis
Yingfei Yi Killam Memorial Chair CAB 501 780 492-0215
Dynamical systems and differential equations
Xinwei Yu Associate Professor CAB 527 Partial differential equations and fluid mechanics