Prospective Students

We are proud to admit excellent graduate students from around the globe!

Below you will find the formal requirements for admission into one of our programs.

Master of Science Admission Requirements

The Minimum requirements for admission into an MSc program are:

  • A 4-year undergraduate degree (preferably with honours, and in mathematics or statistics or a closely related area), or its academic equivalent from a recognized university.
  • A grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 in the last two years (*60) of relevant undergraduate work (or graduate work) at the University of Alberta, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.
  • There are also several documents that must be paired with your application. Visit the How to Apply page for more information.

Doctoral Program Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the Doctoral Program, a student must:

  • Satisfy the minimum requirements for entrance into an MSc degree (the GPA calculation will be done using the last *60 credits or two years of undergraduate and/or graduate work at the University of Alberta or its academic equivalent from a recognized institution).
  • Hold an MSc degree in Mathematics or Statistics (depending on the choice of PhD program), or a closely related area.

Students seeking a PhD degree who do not hold an MSc degree or equivalent will be admitted into the MSc program instead. Strong students may then transfer to the PhD program subject to certain conditions (there is usually no time lost).

Students who finish an MSc degree at the University of Alberta are not automatically admitted to a PhD program. A regular application is required. However, excellent students have a high success rate.

Higher Standards for Admission to Graduate Studies in Math and Stats

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Most successful applicants significantly surpass them.

The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences minimum requirements are different (higher) from the minimum requirements listed by the FGSR. Minimum requirements set by the department must be met to be considered for admission.

Specific programs may have additional requirements. Complete details may be found in the University Calendar.

Also, applicants are encouraged to contact academic staff before applying. Finding a professor who is interested in having you as a graduate student will strengthen your application. Visit the Academic Staff page to find relevant faculty members' contact information.

Exceptional PhD or MSc applicants from another university may be nominated for a University of Alberta PhD or MSc scholarship (if available). No application necessary.

International Applicants: For GPA equivalencies, please see this chart: minimum grade point average required from countries other than Canada.

For more admission information, visit the How to Apply page.

Vanier competition

You might have heard of the prestigious Vanier scholarships for incoming PhD students. These scholarships are worth $50,000 per year and are given to the very best students.

For more information, visit the Scholarships page.