Application fees

The application fee is $135 CAD (non-refundable). 

International student differential fee

International Students are charged a Differential Fee in addition to the regular tuition fees. These Differential Fees can be financially supported by your Supervisor, but it is not a guarantee. This financial support is dependent on the funds available to the Supervisor.

Fees and Living Expenses

Information on fees and cost of living is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website.

Tuition and fees information is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website for Canadian/Permanent Resident students and International students.


Although there is insufficient housing on campus for all graduate students there are many apartment and houses for rent nearby. To obtain accommodation on campus or near to the campus, you must apply well in advance. Students arriving from outside Edmonton who have not booked accommodation in advance are well advised to expect at least a week to search for permanent housing.

The University of Alberta Residence Services

Residence Services currently operates residence communities with enhanced learning environments, where academic success, involvement, community and leadership are the primary focus. Specifically, Graduate Residence is designated for graduate students.


University of Alberta Students Union Housing Registry

The University of Alberta Students Union Housing Registry publishes a list of rental accommodation throughout Edmonton. Many students use this service, and rate it as the best resource for finding off-campus accommodation. Information may be obtained at, in person in the lower level of SUB, or by phone at 780-492-4212.

The International Centre

The International Centre operates a housing registry which can be very helpful in locating suitable accommodation. A housing binder with ads from students and community members who wish to advertise rental accommodation is located at the International Centre. The binder is a good place to look for a roommate. International Students often use the International Centre's email network to look for roommates (see page for information). Sometimes some International student groups know of people looking for roommates. Contact numbers are available from the International Centre receptionist.

Other resources

  • Advertisements in the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun.
  • You can often find housing by walking around Strathcona or downtown where many apartments are advertised on signs in front of the buildings. Often these places are advertised in no other way.
  • Bulletin boards on campus are usually a good source of ads for accommodation. Large boards are located in HUB, SUB, Lister Hall and CAB on campus.
  • Kijiji
  • Craigslist
  • RentFaster

Temporary Accommodation

Residence Services offers a number of options for summer and guest accommodation.

Hostelling International (10647-81 Avenue) is approximately $40-$90 per night.

Visit the International Centre for more suggestions on temporary accommodation.