Regulations and Guidelines

Graduate students are enrolled in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) and are subject to the rules and regulations spelled out in the University Calendar. These rules are also part of the Graduate Program Manual on the FGSR website, and the manual may provide further information.

In addition to these general requirements, and on top of the University Calendar requirements specific to programs in Mathematics and Statistics, all Graduate Programs in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences are governed by the Regulations and Guidelines for Graduate Programs (access is restricted to Department members, a public PDF version is available) set by the Department.

All students at the University of Alberta should be familiar with, and abide by the Code of Student Behaviour.

Computing and Lab Regulations

The Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences provides three general computing labs for faculty and student use. They are located in Rooms 640, 430, and 434. To access these labs you will need both a door code and a departmental username and password. Each lab also contains a networked printer.

Accounts and Passwords

When registered at UAlberta, and in the math department you may be provided with multiple ids, passwords, and email accounts. One will be the University account which will provide access to campus wide computing and network services, the other is a department based account, used to access our local computing resources. A possible third id/password combination may be assigned for the windows lab machines.

These id/password combos should be protected and not shared with others. Do not leave your computer account logged on when you are not present. You will be held accountable for activities under your computing id(s). Computer accounts, activity, and Internet usage is monitored for security and auditing purposes.


All lab machines are a part of the departmental domain and have access to both network based file and print sharing services. Each lab has a networked printer, identified on the front as to what its network name is. Additional supplies for these printers may be obtained from the main office CAB 632. There are printing limitations in effect, so be aware of them and avoid printing long manuals.

By default the printers will print duplex documents (double-sided). For single-sided try using the network name and a -simplex appendage.


Home directories are available in both the Unix and Windows environments, in Unix it is the default directory /home/[username], for Windows this is the H:\ drive. This directory is where you should store important documents and projects and these directories are backed-up nightly.

Unix and Windows Labs

Room 640 and 430 are Unix terminal labs with a KDE desktop. To login to these terminals choose any Sirius(X) server from the chooser list, and sign in with your departmental id/password. A list of commonly used Unix commands is also available. Commonly used mathematical and statistical programs are accessible from the command line.

Room 434 is a Windows lab with XP Professional with CDRW and ZIP drives. USB functionality is also available. To access these machines you will require a 'samba' id/password to be provided by the department. The windows lab also has profile size restrictions in effect so ensure that you do not store files on the Desktop or in your "My Documents" folder. Instead move files either into the H:\ drive or into the recycle bin. These machines also contain commonly used mathematical and statistical programs.


For departmental email clients we recommend choosing either pine, a command line program in Unix, or Open WebMail. For Internet browsers, we recommend Mozilla Firefox.