Math Outreach

The scope of our activities extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the University of Alberta's campuses, be it via direct engagement with school teachers and their students or by lending our expertise to the private sector. Find information on this page about some of the ways we engage with the community at large and learn about available opportunities.

Outreach and opportunities for students

Alberta High School Mathematics Competition

The Alberta High School Mathematics Competition (AHSMC) is an annual mathematics competition. The AHSMC consists of two rounds. The first round is open to all eligible students and takes place in November. Top performers in the first round are invited to participate in the second round, which takes place in February.

Who this is for (relevant grade/location)

Alberta high school students (students in junior high schools or in the Northwest Territories may also apply to participate)

Alberta High School Math Competition

Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute

The Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute (ASMI) offers a fun, educational summer mathematics program. Its mission is to inspire exploration and research in mathematical studies. The ASMI is a day-style summer camp that runs over a four-week period, and takes place on the campus of the University of Alberta.

Who this is for (relevant grade/location)

High school students (Grades 10 through 12)

Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute

CMS Regional Math Camps

Each summer, Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Regional Math Camps provide junior high school students with an interest in mathematics with a unique and unforgettable enrichment experience. Students who attend the camps leave with new friends, new ideas, and a new outlook on mathematics. Advanced math concepts are presented in a manner that is challenging yet still accessible. CMS Regional Math Camps allows students to experience math as never before through games, projects, experiments, and other fun activities. The camps also highlight the role of mathematics in everyday life. CMS Regional Math Camps are hosted across Canada. In Alberta, a CMS Regional Math Camp is hosted in alternate years by the University of Alberta (even years) and the University of Calgary (odd years).

Who this is for (relevant grade/location)

Junior high school students

CMS Math Camps

JAMES Math Circle

The Junior Alberta Mathematics for Eager Students (JAMES) mathematics circle is a group of high-performing junior high school students that meets weekly. Participants explore problems from various mathematics competitions from around the world (Tournament of the Towns, Edmonton Junior High Invitational, International Mathematics Contest, etc.) and learn new problem solving techniques. Participants are exposed to many different areas within mathematics, such as number theory, graph theory, combinatorics, and geometry. All junior high school students (Grades 7-9, and keen Grade 6) interested in learning more mathematics and trying new problems are welcome to participate. There is no cost to join, and no need to register. Students (accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver) can just drop in and see if it is for them. All you need to bring is paper, pencil, and a curious mind.

Who this is for (relevant grade/location)

Junior high school students (Grades 7-9, and keen Grade 6)

For more information on meeting time and location, please contact Trevor Pasanen at

Resources for teachers

GAME in the Schools

The GAME in the Schools program seeks to promote mathematics and show elementary school students that math is fun. Graduate students from the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences volunteer to visit local school and conduct short (one hour) math workshops. Activities are interactive and hands on and promote discussion amongst students.

If your school is interested in a GAME in the Schools workshop, email

Math Fair & Unfair

The Math Fair & Unfair is a popular biannual event for elementary and junior high school students held on the campus of the University of Alberta. The Math Fair component of the event is hosted by Elementary Education students (teachers-in-training) taking our MATH 160 course. The MATH 160 students create and prepare dozens puzzles and games, and engage with the children during their visit to stimulate problem solving and logical reasoning. The Math Unfair component of the event is hosted by graduate students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The graduate students invite the children to try a variety of two-player games and encourage them to develop strategies for playing wisely. The Math Fair & Unfair event takes place in March and November each year. The Math Fair component of the event is based on the SNAP Math Fair philosophy, described below.

If you are a school teacher who would like to bring a group of students to the Math Fair & Unfair, please contact Sean Graves at

SNAP Math Fair

Are you a school teacher interested in inspiring and motivating your students in mathematics and having them become better problem solvers? SNAP Math Fairs do just that! SNAP stands for Student-centered, Non-competitive, All-inclusive, and Problem-based. SNAP Math Fairs allow school teachers to provide a meaningful problem-solving experience for all students, and they can be adapted to almost any curriculum and set of standards. The SNAP Math Fair philosophy was developed at the University of Alberta in the 1990's, and still is going strong. A wealth of resources and information on upcoming workshops and conferences can be found on their site.

SNAP Math Fair