Undergraduate Studies

Our department house approximately 2000 undergraduate students, each choosing their own path of study and psychological topics to pursue. Though each degree program has a set of requirements, students have the opportunity to explore areas that particularly interest them. Our introductory psychology courses (PSYCH 104 and 105) provide students with a glimpse into the many areas within psychology and the types of research that exist within this amazing field. Beyond this introduction, there are numerous possibilities for study, given our diverse offering of courses.

Explore what psychology has to offer! On our site, you will find information about our programs, a listing of courses, awards psychology students can apply for, and information about student groups for psychology students. You will be able to download forms you may need and find out who to contact if you have questions about the undergraduate program. If you are a current student in PSYCH 104 or 105, you will be able to find information about the research participation component of your class.