Psychology Shop

The Psychology Shop has been a fixture in the Department of Psychology since the early '70s. However, psychology is a relatively new area of research. To this end, the Psychology Shop plays an important research facilitation role in the department. The Psychology shop is equipped with a paint room, machine shop, electronics area and woodworking room. We are your repair specialists for electronic and non-electronic equipment and are pleased to offer general facilitation and support throughout the department.

Specifically, the Psychology shop researches, quotes, purchases, installs, configuring and maintains psychological research equipment. This equipment includes but is not limited to; commercial amps, meters, distillation equipment, refrigerators/freezers, stereotaxic, microtomes, autoclaves, microscopes, scales and shockers. The equipment also has been constructed and maintained in-house and includes but is not limited to; pigeon operant boxes, chickadee experimental chambers, many mazes and open fields for experimental work on mice, rats, fish and bugs. There are also several human research labs that require human responses in the form of switches, kinesthetic, eye tracking etc.

The shop takes a lead in departmental issues and the constant shuffling of inventory, labs, offices, computers, etc. The staff in the Psychology Shop work daily with professors, students and staff. We are concerned with health and safety and follow up on health and safety audits to ensure compliance. We are active WHMIS and TDG certified. The shop maintains an inventory, tags and surpluses equipment. We are the fire wardens in the department and assist with emergencies and are in touch with the building maintenance people. The shop is involved with warrantee claims and ensures licensing compliance and updates. Outside of the University, the shop has contacts with retailers; Bcom Computers, Simmco, Johnson Plastics, PSTNet, Mplus, TigerDirect, Polycom, Biopac to name a few. Technical information about products and apparatus is provided to staff and students. Logistic information when required and general advice about procedures is common. An extensive library of reference materials including information on the latest electronic and computer equipment is located in the shop.

The Psychology shop has electronic, machine and woodworking tools such as Scopes, VOMS, Sig Gen, Amps, lathe, milling machine, cut-off saw, table saw, bender, breaks, routers, and many other useful hand tools. In addition, we also offer computer projection carts, laptops, scanners, digital video cameras, DVD creation, digital still cameras, color laser printing, overheads, TV/VCR/DVD, video conversions (MPEG, Avi, VHS, DV), cassette and digital recorder, laser pointer, slide projectors, timers and counters, and other academic-related materials.

Shop Technicians


Examples of Apparatus Built in the Shop