News & Events

Royce Conference

The conference is a full day event held each winter term. Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate, and undergraduate students present papers and posters describing their current research activities. The conference is named in honour of Dr. Joseph R. Royce, who was Head of the Department of Psychology from 1960 to 1967 and Director of the Centre for Advanced Study in Theoretical Psychology from its foundation in 1966 until 1979.

Brian Harder Research Day

Although you will have many opportunities to interact with professors and students in the honours program, there is one special event at the end of the year that helps to bring everything together. This is the Honours Day Conference in March or April, at which students formally present plans and reports of the research they plan to do or have done. On that day, third-year students present their thesis proposal and fourth-year students present their research findings. Professors and deans across campus are invited to attend. Families and other personal supporters are welcome. The conference is an excellent opportunity to discover the different things happening in the department, to discuss your own views about psychological topics, and to have fun. Starting in 2018, the Honours is combined with our department's research day, the Joseph R. Royce conference, for a combined, 2-day event celebrating psychology research at the University of Alberta.

Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series

The Department of Psychology Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series is a three-day public lecture series sponsored by the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science. Each year the Department invites a renowned psychologist to present three one-hour lectures.  The event is normally scheduled in the fall.