Adjunct Professors

Brown, Heather
Psychology Science

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept, UAlberta


PhD: Speech and Language Sciences, University of Western Ontario

Areas of Study: Autism, Neurodiversity, Academic Achievement, Well-being

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Cummine, Jacqueline
Psychology Science

Associate Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Communication Sciences & Disorders Dept, UAlberta


PhD: Basic Behavioural Sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Saskatchewan, 2009

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Reddon, John
Psychology Arts


PhD: Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, 1984

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Adjunct Activities: Supervising Psychology Honours students; mentoring undergraduate students to give them exposure to applied mental health and forensic research.

Sana, Faria
Psychology Science

Associate Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Athabasca University

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PhD: Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University, 2015

Research Expertise: Human memory and learning, examining the role of cognitive mechanisms involved in category and concept acquisition.