Previous Award Winners

2022 WISEST Summer Research Program students:

  • Tooba Mahmood (D. Hayward) “Investigating uses for wearable eye trackers during social interactions"
  • Cayla Polege (C. Sturdy) "Black-capped chickadee responses to natural and altered song"
  • Deborah Yun (L. Guillette) "Straws, sticks and bricks: Does past nest-building experience effect construction using new materials"
  • Anna Nevoit (L. Guillette) "You're not like all the other birds: Individuality in Nest Architecture"

2022 Undergraduate Award Holders

Congratulations to our undergraduate student award winners!

Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship
  • Alleya Bourne (C. Dickson) “Sleep-wake circuitry analysis under chloral hydrate anesthesia”
  • Evan Simpson (C. Dickson) “Do cannabinoids promote or degrade sleep-related brain rhythms?”
  • Sherry Gu (F. Colbourne), “Motor-evoked potentials after hemorrhagic stroke in rats”
Mitacs Globalink Research Internship
  • Karen Yeung (L. Guillette), “ManyBirds Study 1: Neophobia in birds”
  • Sergio Barra Rodriguez (J. Caplan), “Differential effects of double meanings depending on how memory is tested”
  • Michelle Gao (C. Sturdy), “Species-based call preferences in black-capped chickadees”
  • Mae Pacificar (D. Hayward), “Home Sweet Home: The role of physical spaces on attention and action”
  • Jerry Wu (Y. Zheng), “Daily acculturation processes among Canadian racial/ethnic minority university students”
URI Undergraduate Researcher Stipend
  • Ashley Abrahart (F. Colbourne), “Effects of the estrous cycle in female rats on bleed size in the collagenase model or Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH)
  • Arianna Cook (D. Hayward), “An eye for an egg: investigating how an object’s social value impacts visual attention
  • Noam Sander (F. Colbourne), “Elevating ketones as a novel treatment for intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Julia Self (L. Guillette), “Sex differences in long-term memory for a learned task in zebra finches