Technical Staff

Al Denington Denington, Al
BS P-102
(780) 492-5256
Electronics Technologist: Maintain and support computer and electronic equipment.
Dikova, Julieta
BS P-216
(780) 492-0035
Instructional Technology Intern: a resource for instructional materials such as audio, video and computer software, provide staff with a trained resource person to help with any instructional technology needs, provide support in developing and evaluating instructional technology.
Johnson, Tom
BS P-253
(780) 492-2834
Faculty Service Officer
Isaac Lank Lank, Isaac
BS P-102
(780) 492-7858
Electronics Technologist: Research fabrication specialist/collaborator, hardware/software/networking support.
Philip May May, Philip
BS P-102
(780) 492-3814
Electronics Technologist: Hardware/software/networking support.