Bachelor of Arts

The decision to study psychology is an exciting one, because of the many interesting topics to explore within the field. Students can learn about such things as how children develop and learn language and how social and cultural influences affect behaviour, while learning how the brain plays an underlying role in our everyday cognition.

We are a diverse department, offering many different courses, which students can choose from to produce their own unique path of study, based on what intrigues and inspires them.

Psychology can be studied within the BA degree program, offered by the Faculty of Arts, or the BSc degree program, offered by the Faculty of Science. Core degree requirements for a focus in psychology (e.g., major or minor) within each of these programs are practically identical, but the general BA and BSc degree requirements are quite different. If your interest is to focus more on the social sciences and humanities, then studying psychology within the context of a BA degree would be recommended. Though a student chooses to study psychology, admission to the general BA degree program is governed by the Faculty of Arts.

The general BA degree program requirements involve completing courses beyond a student's chosen area of focus (e.g., psychology). For example, courses in the liberal arts, such as languages, writing, fine art, drama, or music, are required.

Students choosing to study psychology within the BA degree program are required to complete psychology courses offered through both the Faculties of Arts and Science to ensure a well-rounded background in psychological inquiry. Within the BA degree program, students can choose to either major or minor in psychology. Those who wish to further explore and engage in psychological research have the option of applying for the Honors Program during their second year. Students can also complete the requirements for a Research Certificate .

From the very first psychology course taken, students will be introduced to the interesting and engaging topics this field has to offer. We are a dedicated department, working collaboratively with one another to provide students with a learning experience that reveals the wealth of information and research currently existing within the psychological world today. We are excited about the prospect of new students joining us and look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for this great field of study!

For more information about the amazing people who make up our department, please visit our people page.