Research Certificate

Research is a core component of the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta, and there are various opportunities for students to become involved in novel supervised research. Conducting research fosters the development of an in-depth knowledge of psychology, as well as valuable real-world project and data management skills, considered useful for many career paths. Pursuing a Research Certificate in Psychology provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic and focused research, under the mentorship of faculty members, over the course of one's Bachelor's degree. This embedded certificate program is designed to provide undergraduate students with official recognition for substantial engagement in research and acquisition of research skills. Extra accreditation is added to the student's Bachelor's degree upon graduation.

Students pursuing a BA or BSc in psychology are eligible to complete the Research Certificate. Click on the links below for the specific requirements:

With appropriate program planning, students can fulfill the Research Certificate requirements within their degree, without needing to complete additional courses. Specific courses, which focus on research methods, are a requirement for the Research Certificate, as is an oral presentation at an academic conference.

It is not necessary to apply nor register in advance for the Research Certificate in Psychology. When students apply to graduate, they must also apply for the certificate, using the Faculty of Arts form  or Faculty of Science form and complete the Research Certificate Presentation Confirmation Form  to confirm their completion of the presentation requirement. For specific Individual Research/Study courses, such as 299, 396/398, and 496/498, students will need to find a research supervisor. For more information on this process and how to enroll in these courses, navigate to the How to Enroll in Individual Research/Study Courses page.

For guidance about the research certificate, please contact Kerry Ann Berrisford (

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