Arts & Science

Psychology courses are offered through either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science. This division reflects the nature of course content.

  • Arts Psychology courses are generally related to the social sciences, such as sociology and anthropology. Topics include social psychology, child development, personality, and abnormal psychology.
  • Science Psychology courses are generally associated with the natural sciences, such as physics and biology. Topics include information processing, perception, learning, and the study of the brain.

For a descriptive list of Psychology courses offered, see Calendar: Course Listings in Psychology as well as the Course Catalogue.

Reference this Course Planning Worksheet - B.Sc. Specialization in Psychology when planning your courses.

Special Topics

The Department of Psychology offers Special Topics courses under course codes PSYCH 302, 305, 402, 403, 405, 423, and 486. The topics of these courses change and normally have additional prerequisites than those listed in the calendar. Past topics have included Evolutionary Psychology, Animal Communication, the Psychology of Criminal Conduct, and the Psychology of Sex.

Course Registration & Restrictions

Students are responsible for having the necessary background before enrolling in any course. The Department has the right to automatically withdraw students from courses for failing to present a passing grade (or higher, where stipulated) in the prerequisite course(s) and/or for failing to be enrolled in corequisite courses.