Computing Science degrees and specializations

Our department research has reached exciting levels and covers a large spectrum of areas including Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Multimedia and Computer Games, Software and Database systems, and Machine Learning and Bioinformatics.

Areas of study:

Program Availability:

Computing Science
The Computing Science degree is an open Specialization that allows you to either pursue a concentrated study of computing science, or combine the study of computing science with another discipline. With 21 options available you can design and pursue a program of study that combines computing with almost any other field.


Computing Science Business Minor
This program offers a good balance of business courses, giving you the opportunity to apply your Computing Science knowledge in any business environment. A strong Computing Science background gives you a better idea of what computing can deliver to business, and also lets you knowledgeably manage the vendors and IT groups.


Computing Science- Specialization in Software practice
The Specialization in Software Practice is for students who are interested in all aspects of building software. The program has a broad range of courses to develop depth in programming, algorithms, hardware, software design, user interfaces, project management, and business issues.