Psychology Degrees

Shared by both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts, The Department of Psychology is diverse enough to offer students two different aspects of the field to study.

Note: In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Faculty of Science, applicants must have successfully completed Biology 30 or equivalent to register in the appropriate university courses and to ensure success in the program.

Undergraduate areas of study:

Program Availability:

A Science degree in Psychology will focus on how we perceive, learn and forget things and how the brain functions. Students gain an understanding of areas like perception and motivation, behavior and cognitive development with emphasis on the physical, biological, and mathematical sciences.

A psychology major provides you with a comprehensive range of experiences and skills that are important for understanding mind and behavior.

  • Psychology major: only science psychology courses can be used
  • Science Psychology minor: only science psychology courses can be used
  • Arts Psychology minor: both arts and science psychology courses can be used