Going The Distance

Going the Distance is an annual fundraiser that helps the Steadward Bears to raise funds needed to increase access to quality parasport opportunities for our para athletes. With your contribution, we can make a difference in our community by keeping our program thriving.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in Going the Distance 2021! Shifting to a virtual event that tracked activity minutes, we raised an incredible total of $15,622! A special thank you to the organizing committee that included our coaching staff, TSC staff, para swimmers, and parents, all of whom volunteered their time. The 80 participants who took part in Going the Distance logged a total activity time of 45,978 minutes (or 766 hours and 18 minutes; or 31 days, 22 hours and 18 minutes)! We can’t wait to see what happens next year!

Stay tuned for details about Going the Distance 2022.

If you are interested in supporting this event in the future, please contact Dusan Toth-Szabo, Head Coach, Steadward Bears Para-Swimming Team at tscpswim@ualberta.ca.


What has changed for 2021?
This year Going the Distance has gone virtual! Participants can choose to exercise on their own, or join our virtual run/wheel clinic and log their exercise minutes. You may exercise as many days as you like during March 15 – 26.
What exercises count for the challenge?
Wheel, run, walk, cycle, swim, strength train, indoor or outdoor, choose any exercise that best suits you! Track your minutes and log them in our tracking sheet accessed through this form.
How do I track my exercise minutes?
Track your minutes and log them in our tracking sheet accessed through this form.
Do I sign up as an individual or as part of a team?
You can choose to sign up as an individual or a team. Teams can be made up of athletes, family members, friends, basically anyone who is passionate about the Steadward Bears! If signing up as a team, make a team name and indicate it on your registration form so we know who is completing the challenge together.
How can my friends and family donate?
Registration for the challenge will be by donation (recommended $25). You’re also encouraged to share our fundraiser page with friends and family, where they can register to participate or provide a donation in support of your participation in the challenge.
Can I collect donations by cash or cheque?
For 2021 we would prefer you use the online donation system.
What can I win?
There will be a prize(s) for the top team or individual, based on average exercise minutes. Follow along on Facebook as we announce what prizes you can win, and track our leaderboard.
Where can I see event updates?
Follow along with our Steadward Bears on Facebook as they log their activity and share their stories of what being a Steadward Bear means to them!