Student Experience Action Plan

Student Experience Action Plan

The U of A is consulting with students, faculty, staff and alumni to develop a Student Experience Action Plan to support the University Strategic Plan. We need your perspectives and input to do this well!


Since January 2023, the Student Experience Action Plan (SEAP) project team has engaged with U of A communities to listen and learn about what constitutes exceptional student experiences. Using a co-creation approach, SEAP has gone beyond consultation to develop a plan that reflects the diverse voices, needs and aspirations of our communities. It will guide our efforts over the next three years to ensure our students are activated to learn, explore and pursue customized experiences during their university journey.

We held over 80 engagement sessions with the university community between January and August 2023 which included a student survey yielding over 8,000 responses.

The following draft vision, commitment statement, principles and themes were developed based on feedback gathered from engagement sessions.

Our Vision for the Student Experience

As a student-centered community, we all listen, learn, and act to deliver exceptional student experiences.

Our Commitment to the Student Experience

Together, we nurture experiences where students explore and expand their knowledge, skills, and networks, connecting with local and global communities, to act with purpose.

Indigenous Worldview 1 

We are all interrelated and interconnected, living, learning and working together for a balanced, supportive and healthy community with the land and with each other.

What Can Students Expect From Their University Journey?

Connections are Fostered

Students are supported through a community that values different voices and perspectives and fosters inclusivity through opportunities for meaningful connection.

Exploration is Essential

Every students’ journey will include opportunities for exploration that reflects their unique goals, identities and position.

Challenge Accepted!

Students have the necessary skills and resources to embrace and overcome challenges which enable them to foster their academic and personal growth.

Students Told us What Matters to Them

  1. Academic Agency and Flexibility
  2. Beautiful and Accessible Campuses
  3. Relationships, Connection and Belonging
  4. Safety
  5. Supporting Student Success
  6. Transparent and Affordable Costs
  7. Transitions Into and Out of Study

Project Sponsors

The initiative is being led by the Deputy Provost, Students and Enrolment and guided by four co-sponsors:

Abner Monteiro, Students’ Union President
Monisha Vinod, Graduate Students’ Association VP Student Services
Melissa Padfield, Deputy Provost, Students and Enrolment
Leo Wong, Associate Dean, Education, Alberta School of Business

Project Team

Sarah Wolgemuth , Assistant Dean, Student Life — Project Director 
Trevor Phillips , Manager, Indigenous Recruitment — Project Specialist
Gail Breum — Senior Project Manager
Carmen Norris  — Senior Service Designer
Kat Black  — Project Team Member
Taylor Good —Project Team Member
Danielle Gardiner Milne — Project Team Member
Ibukun Ojo  —Project Team Member

1 The Indigenous Worldview is a signature addition to the Student Experience Action Plan that goes beyond the inclusion of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, and instead provides a commentary on the vision for a healthy student experience from Indigenous perspectives.Through consultation with members of the campus community, including Indigenous leaders, the Indigenous Worldview affirms the vision and commitment of student experience through an Indigenous perspective familiar to those from Treaty 6, 7 or 8 territory and should resonate across cultures.

University Hall at the Van Vliet Centre

On November 29, 2022, Interim Provost and Vice-president (Academic) Verna Yiu spoke with Melissa Padfield, Deputy Provost, Students and Enrolment about the student experience.

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Winter 2023

Engagement with university community

Spring 2023

Validate data gathered during engagement with university community
Draft the Student Experience Action Plan

Summer 2023

Finalize Student Experience Action Plan