Strategic Plan Steering Committee Membership

Strategic plans of the magnitude of the one we are developing as an institution are not done alone. Consultation, discussion, interpretation, and ultimately choices are made in the development of strategic plans. Below, is a list of the governance committee for the development of the University of Alberta’s next strategic plan. Members will be tasked with leading consultation sessions with the community, reviewing the results of the consultation, and assisting in the translation of what has been shared into a strategic direction for the university, and finally to endorse a draft of the final plan to be submitted by President Flanagan to GFC.

Verna Yiu, Chair

Interim Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

Aminah Robinson Fayek

Vice-President (Research & Innovation)

Todd Gilchrist

Vice-President (University Services & Finance)

Joe Doucet

College Dean, College of Social Sciences + Humanities

Matina Kalcounis-Rueppel

College Dean, College of Natural + Applied Sciences

Greta Cummings

College Dean, College of Health Sciences

Demetres Tryphonopolous

Dean, Augustana Campus

Cen Huang

Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (International)

Sara Dorow

Professor, Department of Sociology

Hongbo Zeng

Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Hanne Ostergaard

Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Andy Knight

Professor, Department of Political Science

Heather Bruce

Professor, Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutrition Science, and AASUA representative to the Board of Governors

Jessica Kolopenuk

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Native Studies

Valentina Kozlova

Teaching Professor, Department of Economics

Wayne Clark

Executive Director, Indigenous Health
Initiatives, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Jillian Pratt

President, Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA)

Christian Fotang

Vice-President (External), Students Union

Janmejay Rao

Vice-President (External), Graduate Students Association

Carrie Smith

Incoming Vice-Provost
(Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

Randa Kachkar

Manager, Parking Services and AASUA representative

Steering Committee Terms of Reference