The Neurosurgery Program at the University of Alberta is committed to the improvement of health through excellence in patient care, leadership in education and research, and in preventative initiatives directed at the promotion of neurological well being.


Guiding Principles:
  • Generation of a harmonious work environment conducive to professional development and maintenance of academic excellence
  • Promotion of continuing medical education programs to facilitate a continuum of medical learning
  • Institution of coordinated clinical quality improvement programs to foster implementation and evaluation of innovative neurosciences initiatives
  • Foster an academic atmosphere of scholarship supporting excellence in fundamental and clinical research
  • Adopt a leadership and collaborative partnership with other clinical service programs in developing a comprehensive neuroscience health delivery system
Commitment to:
  • Assurance of smooth and timely access to neurosurgical services
  • Promotion of patient-focused care with health promotion and wellness as our standard
  • Integration and Coordination of neurological services
  • Facilitation of neurological education/research as integral components to the excellence of care
  • Shift delivery of services to the community / ambulatory care framework
  • Working in partnership with all community and health care providers