Surgeon conducting surgery with lights behind
Surgeon conducting surgery with lights behind

Improving Lives Together

The surgery department plays a crucial role in training future surgeons and advancing surgical research and innovation. We form a close-knit community within a large academic environment, united by our passion for teaching, learning, research, innovation, and improving lives together. We provide world-class clinical facilities, advanced teaching methods, diverse subspecialties, mentor-led research, a high case volume per learner, and global leadership in teaching and research.


Residency Programs

We provide state-of-the-art clinical environments, instructors celebrated for their dedication to teaching and innovation, many subspecialties, research projects with mentorship, and excellence in surgical simulation. Full surgical teams train in the Ray Rajotte Surgical Medical Research Institute: a unique facility combining training, research and innovative surgical procedures.

Medical Students Program

We have a team of full-time administrators dedicated solely to supporting medical students. Having relatively few fellows gives medical students the opportunity to gain experience in the operating room across a spectrum of subspecialties with a high volume of cases per learner. Medical students from North America, Asia and Europe come to the Department of Surgery for our electives.

MSc & PhD Programs

Our passion for inquiry and discovery drives us, which is why we lead globally in many fields including nerve, skin, bone and cartilage regeneration; diabetes surgical procedures; transplantation; and surgical simulation. The clinician-scientist partnership ensures our exceptional performance and success. Learners work in high-impact research teams and access leading edge technology and the world's best research facilities.

Fellowship Program

Fellowships are available through each of the following Divisions: Cardiac Surgery, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Reconstructive and Transplant Urology. The Department of Surgery offers high case volumes, leading-edge facilities and technology, world-class research and second-to-none mentoring.

  • Excellence in Research

    Researchers access the world's most advanced facilities that combine research and innovative surgical procedures.

  • Clinical Healthcare Hub

    The Edmonton region hospitals are specialized high-volume referral centres for Northern Alberta and Western Canada.

  • Exceptional Teaching Environment

    The brand-new Kaye Edmonton Clinic offers services in a full range of subspecialties, integrated research, award-winning teaching, and clinical care.

Message from the Chair

We've overcome challenges to excel in patient care, surgical education, and innovative research, adapting to the dynamic healthcare environment.

We have continued to perform a wide range of procedures and have worked tirelessly to ensure the population that we serve is treated with respect and empathy; and despite the constraints that have been evident to all, we have been able to implement new systems and technologies, ensuring our patients receive the best care possible.

Our undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education programs continue to excel. Our graduate program maintains its tradition of excellence in training clinician scientists and fundamental scientists with discovery and innovation leading to improved patient care.

In research, our faculty have continued to show amazing results as witnessed by our publication rates, our grant capture, and the commercialization of several products of discovery.

Having celebrated a century of success, we are at a time where we must embrace change in why, where, and how we do our work. The inspiring contributions from our department members are shaping our path forward, ensuring our programs grow in a diverse, respectful environment where all voices, including those of our community, are valued and heard.

We have an incredible Department of Surgery, a department dedicated to Improving Lives Together.

Dr. David Williams
Walter Stirling Anderson Professor and Chair, Zone Clinical Department Head, Surgery

David Williams


 Dr. Adetola Adesida

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