Research and technology include a neurosurgery “brain centre”, bionic arms, biomedical space research, lab-grown skin, reversing Parkinson's disease symptoms, and surgical robots.

The University of Alberta's Department of Surgery shapes the future.

We have led surgical research since the 1950s, with Canada’s first open heart surgery: only the second in North America.

Research excites us, which is why we lead globally in many fields including nerve, skin, bone and cartilage regeneration; diabetes, transplantation, and surgical simulation.

Researchers access the RRSMRI: a unique facility combining training, research and innovative surgical procedures. The clinician/scientist partnership ensures our exceptionalism and success: Learners work in high-impact research teams. Enthusiastic investigators leverage our being one of two Canadian universities to offer a surgical research PhD. Hospitals provide human cells and tissues – another strength. We offer one of Canada’s few full-dissection, cadaver-based programs.

We access nearby state-of-the-art clinical, teaching, and research facilities, including the Cross Cancer Institute: the world’s most advanced cancer molecular imaging centre, and the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology, which houses the 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine-winning team that discovered the hepatitis C virus. 

The one-of-kind, brand-new Kaye Edmonton Clinic exemplifies what we offer: a million patients a year, the full range of subspecialties, and award-winning, innovative teaching that comes from our instructors' passion to teach.

Our community makes a big place intimate

Located in Edmonton – the energetic city with the most festivals per capita in Canada, the most inner city green space in North America and the continent's biggest shopping mall – we are near a Rocky Mountains national park with hot springs. We access Edmonton's unique economic model “Health City”, which attracts young, diverse, multi-disciplinary, global talent, and funding – to Canada, a safe country that welcomes immigrants.

Residency Programs, Fellowships, Medical Students

We offer world-class clinical facilities, innovative teaching, the spectrum of subspecialties, mentored research projects, a high volume of cases per learner, and we lead in surgical simulation.


Research, MSc & PhD Programs, Supervisors

We offer opportunities to collaborate with our global-leader research teams who are creating the future of healthcare.
Come and join us.

Job Seekers

The Department of Surgery does not accept job applications directly.

Job seekers: 
Please apply to the University of Alberta's central administration for academic and administrative positions. 
Please apply to Alberta Health Services for clinical positions.

Improving Lives Together is a creative, exciting film-Odessey that takes us on a journey through the teaching, research, clinical facilities and technology – and above all, the community that has pursued the department’s vision for 100 years: The Future of Healthcare.

The University of Alberta is ranked sixth globally for transplantation research.

Donate, Commercial Opportunities

Be a part of the future of care by giving to the Department of Surgery, our divisions, programs or research projects.

Companies and researchers can rent the Ray Rajotte Surgical Medical Research Institute (RRSMRI) facilities and explore other opportunities, including the Surgical Simulation Research Laboratory.

Surgical Simulation Program

Our surgical simulation program is one of the few in the country that is accredited by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. We are the only university in Canada to offer trainee surgeons the opportunity to apply innovative surgical techniques being developed by our research teams who are global leaders in surgical research. We have two world-class research institutes – The Ray Rajotte Surgical Medical Research Institute and the Surgical Simulation Research Laboratory – and are one of the few universities where full teams train together: nurses, surgeons and anesthetists.

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