Research Facilities

Department of Surgery Facilities 

Ray Rajotte Surgical Medical Research Institute

In 2016, the University of Alberta celebrated the 60th anniversary of Canada's first successful open heart surgery - the RRSMRI enabled Dr. John Callaghan to do this. The institute is where renowned surgeons have taken breakthrough techniques, technology and world-leading surgery to the next level over the following decades.

The RRSMRI has equipment such as an electric lift and heated maneuverable operating room (OR) tables, new OR lights, anesthetic machines, vital sign monitors, I.V. pumps, laparoscopic equipment, sterilizers, a mobile C-arm X-ray system, harmonic scalpels, electrocautery, and many other pieces of equipment used for surgical procedures. All operating rooms are equipped with HEPA filters and meet the guidelines in air quality for recovery surgeries. The facility has four ORs for chronic recovery surgery, a preparation room, and a 12-hour recovery room. One of the chronic ORs has lead-lined walls and houses a fluoroscope, C-arm, and X-ray unit that investigators use for their research. A large acute OR is available that can accommodate up to seven operating tables/stations for various teaching labs. This room is used for laparoscopic training of surgery residents. The RRSMRI also has a minimal invasive surgery (MIS) OR that is used to teach laparoscopic and/or open surgery requiring teleconferencing. It can stream to our conference room or to anywhere in the world. This suite can hold up to two operating stations. It is equipped with a camera in one of the OR lights, and a laparoscopic camera, transmitting sounds and images to receivers who have compatible technology. The RRSMRI has additional ORs equipped with anesthetic machines and apparatus required to carry out the surgery. Each two-surgery suite has a shared anteroom with a sink and space. Each anteroom area also has a small separate room for short-term recovery. 


Dr. Gina Rayat, RRSMRI Director


Surgical Simulation Research Laboratory

Since more and more advanced technologies are introduced to the operating theatre, surgeons face new challenges in maintaining their confidence under image-guided and remote-controlled environment. Equipped with eye-tracking and 3D motion tracking system, Dr. Zheng studies the eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation, and the skills acquisition process of surgeons in image-guided surgeries, including laparoscopic, endoscopic and robotic surgery.  


OptiTrack 3D motion tracking system, Tobii eye-tracker (X3, Glass Pro), Vivo Virtual Reality Headset, Hololens Augmented Reality Headset, Digital video camera, 360 video camera, Surgical simulators.

Dr. Bin Zheng, SSRL Director 


Multi-faculty Facilities

Collaborative Orthopaedic Research (CORe) 

Located in the Clinical Sciences Building, Collaborative Orthopaedic Research (CORe) group is an interdisciplinary group from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. CORe's focus is on improving the recovery of patients with bone, joint and muscle conditions and injuries.

Ann (Irene) Papps, Research Administrative Assistant 

Alberta Diabetes Institute 

The Alberta Diabetes Institute is Canada's largest stand-alone research facility dedicated to translating discovery science into health solutions for the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes. It is one of the world’s most outstanding and comprehensive research facilities dedicated to studying diabetes. Alberta Diabetes Institute is home to leading researchers that produce an integrated and collaborative research environment, reflecting the need for a multidisciplinary approach to conquering diabetes.

Dr. Vince Rogers, ADI Director of Operations

Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility (ACTM)

Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing (ACTM) is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). Our experienced staff are committed to efficiently translating your cell-based therapies from bench to bedside in a cost effective manner. ACTM offers a range of services from technology transfer, process and assay development through to GMP manufacturing for clinical trials. Based at the University of Alberta, ACTM is the only facility of its kind in Western Canada. Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility was purpose built for GMP manufacturing of cell-based therapies. The cleanroom space is divided into 6 Grade B cleanroom suites with Grade A biological safety cabinets for aseptic processing.

Dr. Greg Korbutt, ACTM Scientific Director

The Alberta Cancer Research Biorepository

The ACRB is an Open-Access collection of cancer related samples and data that are stored in  in Calgary and Edmonton to realize a common goal of supporting cancer research across the continuum in Alberta.


Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Facilities

Cell Imaging Facility

Image-Guided Adaptive Radio Therapy Facility

Flow Cytometry Facility

High Content Analysis Core

Lipidomics Core

Applied Genomics Core

Transgenic Core

Autoclave Repair Core

Workshop: repair, maintenance and fabrication services


Faculty of Science Facilities

Equipment Inventory/Lab Services

Biogeochemical Analytical Lab (BASL)



Fabrication Lab (Fab-Lab)

Library Resources

Microscopy Facility (MF)

Molecular Biology Facility (MBSU)

Analytical and Instrumentation Laboratory

Biological Services

Mass Spectrometry Facility

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

Powder X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory

X-ray Crystallography Laboratory

Contact Chemical Stores and Receiving

Electronics Shop

Machine Shop

Glass Shop

C.M. Scarfe Laboratory

Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis

Electron Microprobe Laboratory

Mass Spectormetry Facility

Scanning Electron Microscope Lab

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis

Fluid Inclusion Laboratory

Radiogenic Isotope Facility

Selfrag Laboratory High Voltage Pulse Power Machines

Spectral Imaging Facility

Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory

Digital Imaging Facility


Faculty of Engineering Facilities


The Peter S. Allen Magnetic Resonance Research Centre


Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences Facilities


Food Science Facilities:

Food Microbiology Laboratory

Food Laboratories

Genomics and Proteomics/Microscopy Research Facilities

Human Nutrition Research Unit

Microscopy Laboratory

Plant growth facilities

Plant Pathology Lab

Proximate feed and food analysis

Human Nutrition Research Unit 

Alberta Institute for Human Nutrition.

Lipid Products Research Alberta (LiPRA)