Digital Imaging Facility (DIF)

The Digital Imaging Facility (DIF) is a state of the art technology centre staffed with experienced technicians and the latest in imaging and graphics hardware and software. The DIF is the Department's laboratory for creating posters, maps, diagrams, scanning large documents, thin-sections, slides, transparencies, etc.

The DIF is located in ESB 2-27 and is open to Graduate Students and Faculty from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The DIF staff are available during regular business hours to support individuals using the facility.

Available services / equipment:

  • thin section scanner
  • large format table scanners
  • large document scanner (up to 42")
  • plotters (up to 42")
  • printer / photocopier
  • laminator (up to to 25")
  • photo booth with high-resolution DSLR
  • macro-photograhy equipment
  • light tables
  • projectors
  • laptops
  • paper trimmers
  • binding machine (coil & cerlox)
  • Adobe Creative Suite application

Lab Supervisor

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