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Earth Sciences Building (ESB)

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University offers interdisciplinary approaches to diverse teaching and research themes. One of the largest and best supported departments in Canada, it has an international reputation for leading-edge research. Undergraduate programs parallel the research themes and include Environmental Earth Sciences, Geology, Paleontology, Human Geography and Planning.

The Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department was established in 1995 when the former departments of Geology (1912) and Geography (1957) were merged.EAS department has grown to more than 50 faculty members, and over 120 graduate students, and is recognized for its scholarly achievement, excellence in teaching and research, and service to the community.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences offers six degree programs:

Environmental Earth Sciences
Honors and Specialization, BSc
Environmental Earth Science is the study of processes at the Earth's surface, involving interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, cryosphere and solid earth. It has a particular concern with human impact on natural processes and its consequences.

Honors and Specialization, BSc
Geology is the study of the planet Earth, the materials of which it is made, the processes which affect these materials, and the origin and evolution of life.

Human Geography
Honors, Major and Minor in Human Geography, BA
The study of Human Geography focuses on the interface between people and the built and natural environments within which they operate.

Honors and Specialization, BSc
Paleontology explores the evolutionary history of life, beginning billions of years ago, when matter and energy first organized life out of chaos, to the present day's astonishing diversity of living things.

BA Major, BSc Specialization
Planning is a profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating more convenient, sustainable, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive places for present and future generations.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta has an international reputation for leading-edge research and dynamic PhD, MSc and MA programs.With outstanding laboratory and field research facilities, and excellent technical support, the Department is able to provide unparalleled opportunities for collaborative, interdisciplinary graduate research.



Research Facility

World-class analytical and computing facilities support the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department's teaching and research programmes.


Collections & Museums

Museums and Collections

The permanent collections of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences consist of five formal divisions: the Drill Core Collection, which has about 7000 metres of sedimentary core and 900 metres of kimberlite; the Invertebrate Paleontology Collection that includes over 10,000 type specimens; the Meteorite Collection, which is the 3rd largest in Canada; the Mineralogy and Petrology Collection; and the Trace Fossil Collection that supports research and education in Ichnology.