Program Administration

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences oversees the supervision of all graduate students enrolled in its programs and serves as the chief liaison with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). It is responsible for ensuring that the student receives proper supervision and that regulations and requirements of the FGSR are met. The Department is responsible for recommending and keeping the FGSR informed of any developments or changes relating to the student's program, including the appointment of the supervisor and supervisory committee members or changes to that membership, change of student status following candidacy, course and program changes, scheduling of examination dates, etc.

Graduate-related issues in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences are administered by the Associate Chair with assistance from the Program Administrator, Program Assistant, the Administrative Officer, and members of the Graduate Program and Awards Committee.


Associate Chair

Kurt Konhauser


Program Administrator

Melissa Dhillon


Program Assistant 

Sarah Rees