Research Opportunities

The University of Alberta's Undergraduate Research Initiative provides students with funding to enable them to conduct in-depth research in an area of interest during the summer. In EAS, students conduct research mentored by a faculty member or other mentor. More information about the Undergraduate Research Initiative, including an application, can be found here.

If you are an undergraduate student, have an appetite for discovery and achievement, and would like to be paid for 16 weeks of research, then you should apply for an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. You will first need to talk to faculty members whose research interests you, and see who is interested and willing to supervise (and partially fund) you.

Full award details, eligibility criteria, and application instructions can be found here

Each student must also submit to the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Program Administrator (ESB 1-26) the following documentation:

  1. Copies of Part 1 and Part 2 of their USRA application from the online system.
  2. All post-secondary transcripts (the official transcripts you scanned to submit to NSERC via the on-line system).
  3. A brief statement (one page or less) describing why you are applying for this award, and how receiving it will fit in with your career plans and long term goals.

Eligible students who are not selected for an award will be placed on an alternate list should successful candidates decline their award.

Alternates will be offered awards in descending GPA order.

**The Environment and Climate Change Canada Atmospheric and Meteorological Supplement may also be applicable for some USRA recipients in EAS.