The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences houses a wide variety of state-of-the-art facilities to support research in a broad spectrum of fields.

Facilities include:

  • Arctic Resources Laboratory,
  • Canadian Ice Core Lab,
  • Centre for Earth Observation Sciences,
  • De Beers Laboratory of Diamond Research,
  • Electron Microprobe Laboratory,
  • Meteorite Collection,
  • Micropaleontology Laboratory,
  • Paleontology Museum,
  • Petrology Undergraduate Laboratory,
  • Permafrost Archives Science Laboratory (PACS Lab)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory,
  • X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory, and more.

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Research Areas

There are many talented researchers and faculty within the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences whose work leads to countless discoveries that help us understand our planet and the various systems within. From the solid earth below sea level to the peaks of mountains and the atmosphere above, our researchers are constantly probing for answers and insights.

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Research Centres

To complement and house the various research projects coming out of our department, we have established many world class research centres. Explore their work by clicking the links below.

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