Find an Expert

Use this search engine to find a researcher doing work in your sector/area of interest. Researcher names are hyperlinked to their personal websites and contact information. If your search does not provide any results, this does not necessarily mean we do not have researchers who can work with you, please contact us to explore possibilities.

For prospective graduate students:

You can use this search engine to find potential supervisors for your graduate research. Click the researcher's name to check their professor page for information about their current research projects and to see if they are taking on graduate students. The supervisor's contact information is listed on their page for your reference.

For media looking for expert comment:

Most of our researchers are happy to offer expert comment to members of the media. Feel free to search for relevant researchers by name or subject using this tool. Once you find the name of a suitable researcher, please direct all inquiries to Andrew Lyle, Partner, Communications & Marketing, Faculty of Science -