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The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is unique in Canada in that it offers its students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental earth sciences, geology, human geography, and planning. Students in our department take courses from nationally and internationally recognized scholars who are at the forefront in their fields.

We offer seven undergraduate programs, five in the Faculty of Science and two in the Faculty of Arts. Honors and Specialization degree programs are offered in the Faculty of Science in Environmental Earth Sciences, Geology, Paleontology (Honors only) and Planning (Specialization only). A BSc general degree may also be obtained with an Earth and Atmospheric Sciences major or minor. In the Faculty of Arts, an honors, major and minor are offered in Human Geography, and a major is offered in Planning. The course requirements for these programs are available from the University of Alberta Calendar.

Field work experiences enable students to put what they have learned to practice. We offer field schools in all of our programs.

Our students develop analytical, experimental and observational skills though a range of experiential learning opportunities. To ensure quality, labs are limited to a maximum number of students and are enhanced by diverse specimens and collections housed within the Department. Our Planning studio enables students to work with real clients on planning issues. Our human geography program enables students to explore our urban environment, and develop detailed original observations of key streets, buildings and historical sites.

Students interested in research can gain experience as part of their program or during the summer months working with EAS faculty members. Honors students complete a research project in the last year of their program.

Students can obtain work experience via the Faculty of Science Student Internship or Faculty of Arts Work Experience programs.

Several of our programs enable students to receive professional status. The Environmental Earth Sciences and Geology programs in EAS meet the requirements set out by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), and the Planning programs are accredited by the Canadian Planning Institute.

For descriptions of Degree Programs and courses you can also consult the University of Alberta Calendar

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