Division of the Month: Vascular Surgery

The Division of the Month for Research is the Division of Vascular Surgery

18 May 2024

Dr. Yassin Abdulrehman is a vascular surgeon whose research interest focuses on clinical

outcomes in patients undergoing a variety of vascular surgical interventions.

He is the Medical Director of the Canadian Regional Vascular Quality Initiative (CVQI)

and the current Quality and Outcomes Chair for the Canadian Vascular Society (CSVS).

In his role with the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery he has been advocating for

increased awareness of Quality Improvement Research and has created the Sigvaris

Quality Improvement Award that will be introduced at the upcoming CSVS national

meeting, Sept 2024. For context, The Vascular Quality Initiative is an international

registry that prospectively follows patients undergoing vascular procedures. There are

more than one thousand participating centres with seven of those being in Canada. This

database allows for an ongoing analysis of outcomes at our centre and improvements in

patient care.

Locally, Dr Abdulrehman, has been very active at our site. Since taking on the role as

VQI Physician Lead at the Grey Nuns’ Hospital he has spearheaded a number of

Quality Improvement projects and research. Past projects have looked at compliance

with best practice discharge medications, use of foley catheter and length of stay in

Vascular Surgical patients, and use of percutaneous closure devices to reduce costs.

Most recently Dr. Abdulrehman has formed collaborative clinical research partnerships

with members of the Interventional Radiology team with publications outlining

methodologies for CT angiographic reporting to aid in planning vascular procedures.

His team’s work entitled “Stratification of Endovascular Revascularization Technical

Outcomes Using the Global Limb Anatomic Staging System” has been accepted for

presentation at this year’s SVS Vascular Annual Meeting, the premier North American

vascular scientific meeting.